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Memory Lane 1

State Champs...We're BAD!

Vera Davis

Myra, Jeannie, Carolyn---Sweet 16 Bound

George Comer FHS Band

FHS Band...back in the day.

Class of 65 Graduation

Class of 65 Jr. High Graduation

Naideen Comer

Hottie Toddie, Gosh Almighty....

FJHS Basketball Boys

George Comer FHS Graduation

Little Boys' League

Jr. Miss Concordia Parish Pageant

Class of 65 Reunion

Jenny Wren & Daddy

Eddie Hunter's Club

FJHS Basketball Girls

Queen Dorothy & Court

FJHS Cheerleaders

Nancy Dillon

Vickie Vollmer

FJHS Football Team

FJHS Majorettes

McGehee's Science Club

Wilson & McGehee's Club

Maudine & J.T.


Mr. Quimby's Club

Mrs. Bass' Club


Trumpets Players

Christmas Twirlers

Jan, Sherrie, Phyllis, Becky, Jackie

Myra & Lynda

1936 Bulldogs

Sherrie Berrie

Pom Pom and Friends (Barnette, Sherrie, Jan)