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Memory Lane 2

Juanice Harris

Anita Faye

Jerry Gravelle

Carolyn-FHS Basketball Team

Aunt Ray Fugler

Bessie Fudickar

Maudine, Lois, Maureen, Aunt Ruth, Donna Mae

Bruce Fields


Candy, Honey Jimmy, Helaine

Ramon Espinosa, FJHS Band Director

Donnie, Sherrie, Charlotte, Eugene, Bill, Anita

Fran & Jeter

Glen & Johnny Sib

Goo at Bob & Jerry's

Jamie Jacobs

Pom Pom & friends, Jamie & Lou

Carolyn Comer

Joan Schuchs

Judy White

Kyle Bailey

Linda Gail on Louisiana Avenue

Charlotte, Linda, Barbara, Sherrie

Margaret Ann

Margaret Green and Don

Mike Rabb

Mrs. Drane..oooohhh!

Patsy Lou in the snow

Patty Gallendar

Steve Wisdom

Carolyn-Band Sweetheart

Bubba Rucker & Gang

Young Bubba

Band in Downtown Ferriday

Barnette Harp

The "Beatles"

Old Ferriday Pool

Pep Squad and BB Team

Jimmy Young and William Pollard Coleman