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New Oldies

Homecoming Court Float 1953
Center top: Queen Gloria Brocato
2nd Row: Betty Ann Anding; Bobbie Massey;
Billie Long; Margaret Green;
Ann Sturdivant
Seated: Dolly Sue Parent; Liz Burford

Homecoming Court 1953

From L to R: Margaret Green with Wayne Byles;
Bobbie Massey with Gene Taylor
Dolly Sue Parent with Tom Welch
Queen Gloria Brocato with
QB Club Pres. E.E. Taylor
Ann Sturdivant with Harvey Johnson
Liz Burford with Bobby Glen Harmon
Billie Long with Kenneth McKnight
Betty Ann Anding with Buford Smith

  '54 Softball Team

Top row L to R: Greta Green, Liz Burford, Coach Paul, Jane Brown, Gail
Dean; Bottom row: Fay Bryant; Bobbie Massey; Sue Horton, Norma Jean

  '54 Softball Team

First row: Jane Brown, Bobbie Massey, Sue Horton, Greta Green
Top row: Norma Jean Gilley, Fay Bryant, Liz Burford, Gail Dean.


1945 FHS Bulldogs Starters and Whole Team

Uncle Roy & Harvey DeLaune

Downtown Ferriday and the FJHS Band

Original Ferriday High School

Aunt Lois & Claudine DeLaune

Uncle Howard & Aunt Betty Jane and Aunt Lois & Uncle Roy with unidentified ladies

Aunt Lois, Uncle Jack, Aunt Catheron

The Killer

On the front row is #23 George Moffet; #32 Gerald DeLaune, I think; Red McNew,#42; 79 Gerald Williams; 78 Charles Massey. (Thanks, Gwendolyn)

1945 Homecoming Court

1945 Girls Basketball (Emma Jean Stanley, Thelma, Coach Hugh Bateman, Naideen Sevier, Betty Perkins, Mary Ann Wilgus, Billy Jean Massey)

Retta Schuchs '47

Tommy Lowry

Class of '64 3rd Grade w/ Mrs. Turner

Class of '64 4th Grade w/ Mrs. Deprato

Class of '64 5th Grade w/ Miss Ira

Class of '64 6th Grade w/ Mrs. Drane

Class of '64 1st Grade w/ Miss Ira


Here goes. First I think #79 is O'Dare Hammet.

23 - Eddie Hunter
26 Bobby Harmon
27 Wayne Byles
77 Duane Storm
24 Lloyd Perkins
38 Charles Fugler
21 Charles Murray Green
45 Bobby Marks
16 Joe Bianca
40 Lamar Edwards
10 Jackie Wilkins
?? Carl Abel
14 Fritz Lancaster
24 Jerry McLemore
3? Hershal Bagby
31 Fredric Stuart
28 Gene Taylor
Must be of 1950-51 vintage. Liz McNew


Most of these are - I thinks!
#81 Freddie Martello
31 James Bass
22 Dean Stevens
25 Jackie Murphy
20 David Culpertson (sp)
80 Hubert Horton
This was definitely the team of 1950 and the sad thing there was no yearbook that year. LIZ